Extend the contract for an additional year with KISR


Priority Automobile company has won the contract tender with the Kuwait Institute Scientific Research , whereby Priority provide 280 cars to KISR for three years, knowing that this contract is the second of its kind to be signed between the company and KISR.

In this regard, Chief Executive Assistant in Priority Mr. / Musab Moreover, said through a press statement that the priority will provide jeeps vehicles type Toyota Pardo for Engineers, and BMW 730 for the managers. Moreover, Alkharji added that the Priority contract with KISR is not the first of its kind, as the company has won a previous contract with the same entity, which has served as a successful experience for all.

This contract comes to emphasize the significant role and pioneering being played Priority company in the car rental market in Kuwait. Additionally, The company proved its efficiency in managing the contract, which encouraged KISR to extend it for one more year.